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Lucky Order

If you've shopped with us before, you probably already know what it's all about. We just love our customers and we like to make them even happier. That's why every month we draw one lucky person to win a little something. 

Well, what i can win?

It varies, from time to time suppliers send us something and if we don't have anything from suppliers we just pick something. From time to time, when the managers are on vacation and not watching us, we throw something really cool into the giweaway.... Then we listen to it for a while, but that's part of it. 

You can always find out what's currently in the draw on the main page - Lucky order always has a banner there. 


This time we will make one of you the new proud owner of EU17 in digi cam


How to enter? 

That's the beauty of it, we just want to make our customers happy. We don't need some "give us a like" or "share and play". No, just order over 65€ and your order will automatically be in the draw. 

When does the draw take place? 

To keep it simple, the event runs every month. So all orders in a given month will be entered into the draw. The draw itself takes place on the first working day of the following month, when we will also directly introduce the new toy into the draw. 


How do you know if you win? 

You can either stop by the livestream and if you can't make it, we'll send you an email or possibly call you. 


That's it, so good luck and we hope we hit the lucky winners' tastes.