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Are you already bored by Black Fridays events as us? Are you poisoned from topic of covid already? 

It is time to get lucky. Lucky Order is here! 

Almost everyone already know, that we gave to you tons of equipment, accessories and other stuff last year. Unfortunately from time to time it happens, that some things ended up at some internet goblin, who is liking, sharing everything what contains word  COMPETITION. We were upset from it and that is why we decided to change it a little bit.

This time we are announcing another competition about really interesting piece of equipment – nothing less than VORKS/RAVEN GBB free of your choice.

Now you are asking yourself: „how you can be so sure, that it will does not go in hands of some internet goblin“?

Simply: to every order which will be made by our loyal customers, you have to write to note „Special Snowflake“ and for every 500 CZK you will get 1 ticket to raffle. Everyone knows how much loyal customers spend, but goblins spend nothing. 

So I am encouraging our loyal customers: Order BBs, gases and everything you need for your stocks. 

Competitions are back and internet goblins will see nothing! 

How Lucky Order works easily in few points?

1) During order creation you will need write in to note section promo code „Special Snowflake“ (it only applies for online orders via eshop).
2) Into raffle will go every single order with this promo code and with price above 500 CZK. 
3) For every 500 CZK you will get 1 ticket into a raffle, for example: order for 4 500 CZK will get 9 tickets. 
4) Registration will be ended 8. 2. 2021 and the announcement will be a little while afterwards. 

We wish best luck to all of you in raffle and we hope, that this bad boy will make his owner forever happy.

Matty and AS Crew
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