It is time to get lucky. Lucky Order is here! 

And here it is, once again we have prepared a series of competitions for you. Each of you can win.
This time there will be a raffle and an incredibly nice flashlight from the brand WADSN.
This is a replica of the world-famous M600 flashlight. This perfect flashlight will delight every user with its 1400 lumens and pressure switch in the package.

As we are very happy with your loyalty, we decided to add something to the competition.

Well, why not do it right away with a big show, we're adding this Beauty -> GBB PSG from VFC to the competition


How Lucky Order works easily in few points?

1) During order creation you will need write in to note section promo code „Special  day" (it only applies for online orders via eshop).
2) Into raffle will go every single order with this promo code and with price above 20€. 
3) For every 20€ CZK you will get 1 ticket into a raffle, for example: order for 180€ will get 9 tickets. 
4) Registration will be ended 30.11. 2022. and the announcement will be a little while afterwards. 


We wish best luck to all of you in raffle and we hope, that this bad boy will make his owner forever happy.

Matty and AS Crew
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