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ASG GBB CZ P-09, polymer slide

Airsoft pistol CZ P-09 is a very realistic pistol made by ASG company, licensed by Czech Armory. It carries the CZ. The gun has all controls identical to the live version. The Blow Back system faithfully imitates the behavior of the sharp weapon when firing. more about product

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As with all ASG guns, a great deal of effort went into the GBB CZ P-09 to make the gun as close to its real-life counterpart as possible. 

In order to achieve a realistic shooting feel, the gun features a Blow-back. That is, the slide moves forward and backward when fired. There is also a slide catch on the gun, so the slide will jam in the rear position after the last round is fired.

Another realistic feature is the realistic disassembly.

On the bottom of the gun we find a RIS rail for mounting various accessories such as a flashlight.

The weapon also features highlighted sights for faster target acquisition and more accurate shooting.

Product features


-Realistic analysis

-Highlighted sights for faster sighting

-RIS rail on the bottom of the gun

-Metal adjustable hop-up

-Type of propellant: Green gas

Product code M-206152

Files for download

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