First airsoft purchase

Tips & tricks How to airsoft ? First order

It's here, you already know you're going to enjoy airsoft and it's time to buy some equipment. This moment was incredibly important for all of us, but unfortunately it can also decide whether you stay with airsoft forever or go for two events. Everything you read here is the experience of airsoft enthusiasts who have been doing it for literally decades, but also from the guys at the shop who help newbies every working day :)

First airsoft purchase

What should be your first concern? I guess we'll surprise you, they're not replicas, they're protective gear. The main thing is to play it safe. The most important is logically the goggles, the next very important is the mouth guard. Nowadays there is already a wide range of both goggles and face nets, so you won't have a problem to choose.


Choosing glasses is not that difficult. However, it is absolutely necessary that they have the proper certification of durability. The most common certifications we can come across are EN166 and MIL-PRF-31013. In any case, do not consider goggles where the description says "The goggles were shot with this and that and they lasted", this is not a certification. Another trap is mesh goggles, these goggles are even very often banned at airsoft events. Because very often they can be shot through or the bullet can shatter on them. The bullet fragments can then damage the eye. 

Mouth protection
Here it is easier. You can literally choose any net on the market, they all meet what is expected of them. The only thing we would recommend is to choose a mask with fabric sides. They are much more comfortable and don't bother you when aiming. 


Goggles and a mouth guard are the main protective features that are essential for us. After that, it's nice to have gloves and proper boots, but that can wait. I'm sure you can find some boots and gloves at home.

Gun Replica

If you've got your goggles and mask picked out, it's time to tackle the big stuff. A proper replica. Today there is a huge choice of manufacturers and models of replicas. Not all of them are suitable for beginners. We would definitely recommend sticking to the classics, such as the AKs or M4s. It has a lot of advantages.

  1. They're cheaper - Due to the fact that these are the most popular models, they are produced the most and because of this, production costs are lower.
  2. Versatility - They won't be lost in any battle conditions.
  3. They have the most aftermarket support, from the internals to the various stock grips etc.

How much do you have to prepare for a replica ? 

It's not as bad as it used to be nowadays, but a quality replica for beginners will come out to something around 3500k. However we have to add a good quality charger and battery to that as well. Ideally you should save up something around 5000k. 

Anything else? 

Then just the balls, that's all you need. Of course, you can buy a lot more, but trust us. It's better to wait and continue shopping until you find out what you really need. 


So you know what your first purchase will contain, but you don't know what replica to choose? Bring a bite to eat and dive into our article "How to choose your first replica ? "

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