Cash on delivery

The goods can be paid in cash at the time of personal collection in brick-and-mortar stores, at branches or when taking the courier's package in case of cash on delivery . If you prepare the exact amount in advance, it will make the couriers' job easier :). 



Payment by credit card

The fastest and safest. The secure 3D-Secure system facilitates cashless online payment by MasterCard and VISA. If you choose to pay by card, please pay within 4 days of the order being created.

You can also pay by credit card at the showrooms during personal pick-up.



By online bank transfer

Online transfer is a fast and secure method of payment through your bank. We will receive payment information promptly and this will greatly speed up the dispatch of your order. If you choose to pay by online bank transfer, please pay within 4 working days.

Do you have further questions? Read more about online transfer.




Paying with PayPal is one of the easiest and safest ways to make online transactions. Whether you're buying something online, sending money to a friend or accepting payment for goods and services, PayPal makes it easy and secure. One of the key benefits of PayPal is its security features. When you use PayPal to make a payment, your financial details are never shared with the merchant or seller.



Deferred payment 


An online payment method that allows you to purchase the goods you want and pay up to 30 days later. This makes it possible to make yourself happy without having to dip into your financial reserve. This payment method does not cost you a penny more. Twisto, Skip Pay, PayPak and Comgate payment gateway ensure security and safety.



Payment in thirds

An online payment method that allows you to purchase the goods you desire and spread the payment itself over 3 months. Thanks to the split payment, you can be sure that you will have money left over for other expenses! This payment method does not cost you a penny more. The security and safety is guaranteed by Twisto intermediaries and the Comgate payment gateway.



Apple pay 


A modern method of instant online payment. Use a card paired to your Apple ID to pay for your order quickly and securely. Payment is processed by Comgate, a payment gateway that ensures the highest security.



Google Pay


One of the most popular online payment options.  The payment itself is processed by the Comgate payment gateway, which ensures the highest security. This type of payment is instant, which will speed up the delivery of your order