About Us

Your personal airsoft shop

It is 2006 and the Actionshop brand will come under the wings of AGS Trade s.r.o., which has big plans for this brand.

After a couple of years we have stores in 3 biggest cities of the Czech Republic - Prague, Brno and Ostrava. In 2012 we are launching an online eshop. The stores also include quality service centers and Actionshop.cz is becoming known for its activity in the world of news and trends in airsoft.

The bigger the team of enthusiasts working in "Aesko", the more customer-oriented we are and thanks to that our demands on the quality of equipment, workmanship and customer experience have grown.  

Now we are in 2023, stronger and more determined than ever and we are launching our "game changer" eshop with great glory. 

"We believe we can turn our vision into reality and our customers will associate the Actionshop.cz brand with quality, experienced staff, fast delivery and a great experience both online and in our showrooms" Tomáš Polák - CEO of AGS Trade s.r.o 


DNA of Actionshop


No, really, 10x Mr. Nowone doesn't work in our company, but Matěj, Hanz, Rob, Tomin, Stenly, Pát'a, Ráca and other members of "Actionshop family" work for us. And why are we writing this? Because the chances of meeting these guys at a soft event in top gear and smiling from ear to ear are much higher than winning in a sports event or getting hit by lightning.

Plus they're progressive dudes, so if they see that your gear has levels, you'll get a shotout and respect points, plus they're happy to chat with you and share opinions, experiences, personal feelings about everything that's passed through their hands, and that there's been a lot ;-)


When you say top, you think of something that is really high quality, then something super high quality, let's say really TOP, then nothing for a long time and finally we have our service, ladies and gentlemen of Racek Custom Guns ! No we are not cocky and arrogant, we are just really proud that Racek and Patya bake it with us and we really stand behind his work and quality! Until you try it, you won't believe it! Once you try it, you don't want anything else!

Service and detailed information can be found HERE!



Sure, it's the age of technology, everything is online, we have a new e-store that we're really proud of, but what if you just want to stop by and chat with a salesperson because you just don't know which gear is the right one to use? Bad luck? Not with us! We have showrooms in Prague, Brno, Ostrava where we have salespersons, but we also have most of the stuff in showroom and you can feel it in peace! Simply e-shop perfectly complements the showrooms and vice versa! We don't want to have only online and lose physical contact with the customer, and at the same time we don't want to force people from Jeclov to go to Prague.

And what do you find in the showrooms?

  • Quality, trained, helpful staff
  • a display of gear like a piece of crap.
  • most of the best-selling merchandise in stock in the store
  • great accessibility from the city center