Partnership is a young progressive brand that has in its DNA to discover trends, news and tries to think a few years ahead. Over the last couple of years we have managed to acquire some very interesting brands that we have tested, have confidence in and want to be part of the growth not only in the Czech Republic.

What forms of cooperation are offered?

Do you have your own small shop?

  • Do you want to have smaller quantities in stock with the certainty of fast reordering?
  • consutlation and advice what types of a given brand are good to have for standard sales?
  • insight into our data, what sells the most and decide the breadth of the range accordingly?
  • Again, a personalised approach from us where we want to have a win-win. This is the only way to keep the customer happy and spread the good reputation of airsoft further.

Do you organize airsoft events?

There are really many ways and we don't work through templates. We approach each organizer or playground operator individually and try to find the intersection of cooperation that will mean a win-win, i.e. satisfaction on both sides. Yes it takes work, but a happy course/organiser = happy players = happy everyone.

  • Balls, gas, consumables.
  • Raffle prizes
  • Discounts for customers
  • Support from organisers and the opportunity to be among the first to test new products.

Organized airsoft camps?

As we supply equipment for commercial use, which means that we put the equipment under a lot of stress, we are able to not poor out of practice equipment that really works and the service is minimal, so we can advise on the selection and at the same time offer very interesting conditions.
It never happens that we don't have enough balls or other consumables.
Another benefit is the support of the camp through our brand and our marketing channels.

Is there anything you haven't found? Do you have an idea you don't see? It's okay, because we're open to anything and we also know that big things come from small ideas!

The team of is looking forward to working with you.