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Edge Series

Edge Series

- Metal body with coating

- ESA system for quick spring change (QD system)

- Dean-T connector

- Included 2x MID-CAP S-MAG (125 shots)

- M90 replacement spring included 


What does the Edgen range offer?

The Edge series has taken the Specna Arms brand a big step forward. The line comes with several new features that will allow users to achieve better performance in the field and, most importantly, long-term wear resistance. The gun bodies in the Edge line, as with the ONE line, are all-metal with attention to detail. 

The guns in this series are again equipped with the ESA system for quick spring changes. This allows you to change the spring through the tube right in the field. But what makes the Edge series stand out above all is the new ORION reinforced mechabox. In addition to the reinforcement of the mechabox, the manufacturer has also thought about the recessed radii in the front of the mechabox, which significantly reduces the risk of cracks forming during air shocks. The mechabox is also equipped with a metal nozzle, metal cylinder head and piston. Double gaskets are used for better sealing. 

The Mechabox is equipped with a part metal and part polymer spring guide rod and 8 mm metal bearings. The piston is made of polymer with metal gearing. Of course there are also metal wheels that make the gun capable of withstanding stronger springs. 

New to the Edge series is the use of the X-ASR Mosfet from the Polish company GATE. This top quality MOSFET takes care of safe switching to protect internal parts, improve trigger response and extend the life of the electronics and battery. Thanks to the integrated status LEDs it allows to diagnose basic malfunctions of the weapon. The guns can easily handle 7.4V or 11.1V LI-Po batteries.