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Tactical Gear

A category that will turn into a book and every player can spend long evenings in it.
Safety goggles and masks are the mainstay of the gear, because safety always comes first.
Next, you can dive into the tactical gear category, where you will also find safety features like gloves or helmets, but also categories that will brutally help you in action, bags, holsters, carrying systems or backpacks.
For this category, we recommend taking great consideration of the compatibility of the gear with each other.

Set a filtres
Availability Brand
Olive Tan Ranger Green Vz.95 Black Dark Earth Flecktarn Woodland Multicam Partizan Multicam Tropic Blue Red Pink Gold AT-Digital AT-FG Kryptek Coyote Brown Digital Woodland Grey White Black/Blue Black/Grey Black/Red Black/Gold wz.93 Multicam Black Urban Camo Urban Digital Hnědá Pencott Colored Yellow Green Camo CCE
Glass colour
Patch Type