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Edge 2.0 Series

Edge 2.0 Series

- Coated metal body

- ESA 2 quick change spring system (QD system)

- Gate's Aster processor unit

- Special Solar Trigger licensed from Gate

- Orion Mechabox

- Dean-T connector

- Included 2x MID-CAP S-MAG (125 rounds)

- Spare M90 spring included 


What does the Edge 2.0 offer? 

The Edge 2.0 series represents the best line of guns from Specna Arms. Once again, the Edge 2.0 guns bring new innovations to deliver a new even better airsoft experience.

The guns in this series are newly equipped with the ESA 2 QD system for quick spring changes. This differs from the first version, which the first Edge series is equipped with, in that you no longer have to change the spring through a long tube. Now the tube can simply be removed and the spring replaced directly. You do not need to carry a long screwdriver. 

The Edge 2.0 series guns are again equipped with the proven ORION reinforced mechabox. In addition to the reinforcement, the mechabox has radius recesses in the front of the mechabox that significantly reduce the risk of air impact cracks. The mechabox is also equipped with a metal nozzle, metal cylinder and piston head. A double seal is used for better sealing. The Mechabox is equipped with a part metal and part polymer spring guide rod and 8 mm metal bearings. The piston is made of polymer with metal gearing. Of course there are also metal wheels that make the gun capable of withstanding stronger springs. 

A leading advantage of the Edge 2.0 series guns is the already installed Aster processor unit from the well-known Gate brand.  

Aster's main features:

- Adjustable firing mode (binary firing and burst capability).

- spring preload option

- cadence adjustment (ROF) up to 50%

- battery protection (polarity reversal) 

- battery under-charge protection

- active brake

- shot count statistics

- weapon diagnostics (unit contains a coloured LED)

- possibility of controlling the unit via mobile app (it is necessary to purchase Gate Control Station)

- Option to upgrade the software with a one-time payment for even more advanced setup options

The Edge 2.0 series guns also feature a special Solar Trigger that was designed under license from Gate. The trigger works perfectly with the Aster processor unit. This gives you even better response and comfort when shooting.