Airsoft service - Racek Custom Guns

In our professionally equipped workshop, we offer complete repairs, modifications and upgrades of all airsoft weapons - AEG, HPA, GBB and spring powered.  

Your guns will be taken care by many years experienced technicians - Racek a Patrik.

The receipt of long GBB weapons is suspended indefinitely

What can we offer to you?


  • Repairs and modifications of all types of airsoft weapons   
  • Seasonal weapons maintenance
  • Complete professional upgrades including warranty for the service
  • HPA system installation   
  • Weapons painting – we use only high quality sprays    
  • Custom part production and professional 3D printing
  • Possibility of “express service” – offering upgraded weapon within 1 week! (if all parts are available)

You can see all the news and our work here:


How to deliver your weapon to us?

The best option is to visit us personally at our workshop in Prague where you can discuss all possibilities, time schedule and pricing about your weapon directly with the technicians.

You can also bring the weapon to our other stores in Ostrava or Brno.

In case you cannot visit us personally, contact us on phone, e-mail or Facebook and we can find other option such as sending the weapon by post or courier. The address is stated below.


The address where you will send your weapon to:

AGS Trade s.r.o.

Krejnická 2021

Praha 148 00

Attention! Always include note into the package with your contact information so we can reach you for further information.




Phone and WhatsApp number: 733 120 376



Service pricing (21% VAT includedcan differ according to VAT of your country) – prices do not include parts!

Technician Hour Rate                                                                     

  • We charge by ½ hours.                                                  590 CZK (approx. 24 EUR)  
  • Extra charge for using parts not bought in service                +20% of total cost
  • Expres service                                                                 2000 CZK extra (approx. 81 EUR)Express service is handled preferentially over all other orders
  • Pre-purchase service                                                                  900 CZK (approx. 37 EUR)Includes: Weapon will be inspected, gearbox lubricated, the wheels will be properly lined and all possible manufacture defects will be eliminated

Orientation price lists of works according to estimated time – prices do not include parts

Gun Maintenance                                       1,5h = approx. 800 - 1300 CZK (approx. 33 – 53 EUR)

All parts condition check, complete cleaning, resealing, underlayment and complete lubrication. In the event of a detected defect, we contact the customer with a proposed solution.

  • Upgrade up to 130 m/s                    4h = approx.1800 - 2950 CZK (approx. 73 – 120 EUR)
  • Upgrade up to 140 m/s                 6h = approx. 2950 - 4130 CZK (approx. 120 – 167 EUR)
  • Upgrade up to 150 m/s              8h = approx. 4130 – 5300 CZK (approx. 167 – 215 EUR)
  • Upgrade over 150 m/s               10h+ = approx. 5500 - 7500 CZK (approx. 223 – 304 EUR)
  • HPA system instalation            5 - 8h = approx. 2950 - 5310 CZK (approx. 120 – 215 EUR)

We suggest you to contact us for further information about the pricing if needed.