Tactical Conquer FS Belt - Black

The FS combat belt from Conquer is essential gear for airsoft and sports enthusiasts looking for a comfortable and efficient solution for carrying their equipment. more about product
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Its sturdy and strong construction with a high quality, high strength polymer and polyester platform ensures increased durability on the battlefield. Which means it can safely support the weight of your tactical gear.

The belt system allows it to be customized to your specific size and preferences, ensuring it is safe and comfortable to wear even during intense and demanding movements.

The Molle sections along the belt allow you to add holsters, pouches and other Molle compatible accessories, giving you extreme flexibility in customizing your tactical gear and keeping your essentials always close at hand. 

The 25mm buckle prevents chafing and discomfort during prolonged use, ensuring comfort even during extended tactical activities. The buckle is interchangeable, giving you the ability to further customize the belt to your specific needs and preferences.

Size specifications:
S - 80CM-90CM
M - 80CM - 102CM
L - 78CM - 111CM

Product code M-103612
Color Black