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Vorsk VP26X + BDS

The VORSK brand comes with another very successful model, this time a replica of the famous Sig Sauer P226. The VP26X series has enriched the classic look with modern design and accessories that give the gun an overall COOL factor. First and foremost, probably the most important feature on the gun is the extension of the pistol with a front adapter designed for knocking out, glass, doors and other obstacles. The adapter is held in place by two solid long screws. more about product

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The weapon cycles well when firing thanks to the lightened breech in the front part. It is also equipped with light-water sights for easier and faster aiming and innovative BDS red dot for faster and more efficient aiming. This will take your CQB games to a new level! The collimator is fitted with a CR2032 battery, which is not included.

Thanks to the modified grip with non-slip shank, the pistol feels great to hold and definitely doesn't slip in your hand. A 90mm long standard 22mm RIS rail is used to mount the gun with a flashlight. 

The gun already has a 12mm (CW) right-hand thread for adding a suppressor. If a 14mm (CCW) left-hand thread is required, the manufacturer has added an adapter to allow you this option. 

The gun achieves a muzzle velocity of approximately 300 FPS (90-100 m/s). The gun is of course equipped with a fully adjustable Hop-Up system. Furthermore, the gun is equipped, as we are used to with classic Sig Saurus, with the so-called "De-Cocking" function. This means that you can put the cocked hammer in the locked position without removing the magazine and firing the empty shot. 

The final reason to get the VP26X from Vorsk is the accessories that come with the gun (see package contents).

  • Product features
  • 300 FPS muzzle velocity (approx. 90-100 m/s)
  • Custom grip with textured stock
  • RIS rail for attaching a flashlight
  • Lightweight slide
  • Light water sights 
  • Obstacle knockout pistol extension 
  • 12 mm CW (right-hand) / 14 mm CCW (left-hand) thread for suppressor
  • Hammer locking system without removing the magazine
  • BDS red dot


  • Package contents
  • Replica 
  • 22 round magazine
  • Vorsk patch
  • Complete replacement nozzle 
  • Complete set of all replacement O-rings
  • Replacement screws for mounting sights
  • Adapter with 14 mm CCW left-hand thread 
  • Thicker spring for CO2 use
  • Manual
  • Spare parts diagram
  • 1x BDS red dot
Product code M-206397

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