RAST - Development, production and sale of spare parts and accessories.

Spare parts Replica HPA system

And today we'll introduce RAST. Our colleagues have started a project in their free time, which makes us very happy, because the boys can realize themselves and we can support them. Ladies and gentlemen, RAST!

RAST - Development, production and sale of spare parts and accessories.

Big companies will never think of everyone because they need to overwhelm the market in a big way. That's why startups are created, because they see a hole in the market of big companies and enter there. The parallel is RAST, an ambitious project that targets individuals, and only time will tell how far Matej and Rac managed to push it. However, they have our support, the helping hand of "AeSka" is extended, so the starting position is promising. Let's zoom in on RAST and take a look under the hood.

What does RAST actually do?

RAST is dedicated to the development and production of products for airsoft replicas. The product range includes everything from upgrade parts, to service technician aids, to accessories and manuals.

Who are their products for?

In short, for everyone. From the hobbyist to the airsoft enthusiast. From Milsim, speedsoft to service technicians.

How are RAST products created?

Where there's a problem, there's a RAST way, or either the product is not on the market at all or it is, but in a quality you just don't want to put in your own GEAR.

And the path from idea to sale? 

Idea > initial concept > 3D visualization > prototype production > testing10 > mass production > sales > joy :-) .

How does RAST manufacture products?

Proven collaborations with professionals in their field. The guys don't go for quantity, but for quality. Satisfied customers tell others and this is how they go on. It's a longer journey, but every customer counts.


Did you find a product that you missed in the RAST offer? Feel free to message the guys on their socials and maybe your comment will be the next product!

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