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Jefftron has once again outdone itself!

Introducing a novelty in the form of a microprocessor-controlled mosfet with Bluetooth, adding new shooting modes, smooth rate of fire adjustment, piston pre-cocking, active motor brake, low battery indication, etc.

All of this is accessible through a mobile application, available for both Apple and Android users.

Fully integrated device inside the version 2 mechabox, replacing the original trigger contacts along with wiring leading towards the stock, equipped with a DeanT connector - no soldering required.


  • Introduces new shooting modes independently for each selector position (SAFE - SEMI - AUTO)
  • Adjustable burst shooting in the range of 2 - 20 rounds
  • Reduced rate of fire introduces pauses, providing quick trigger response similar to real firearms
  • Adjustable motor active braking force with the option to disable it
  • Piston pre-cocking function for an instant shot in SEMI mode
  • Shot delay function, preventing consecutive shots for 0.1 - 4.0 seconds to simulate recoil or reloading.
  • Low battery indication for 2S - 4S li-pol and 3S - 4S li-fe
  • Application with features such as saving parameters to profiles, displaying current voltage, and battery charge indicated by a colored bar.
  • Error log displays lifetime errors of Leviathan - V2
  • Leviathan - V2 monitors current, voltage, and temperature to prevent damage in case of any issues
  • Utilizes vibration and motor beep in the stock for user signaling
  • Setting changes are instantly saved to the Leviathan - V2 memory, ensuring programming is not lost when disconnected from the smartphone or battery


Independent of the selector position (SAFE - SEMI - AUTO)

  • SAFE: secured
  • Semi: one trigger press, one shot
  • Semi/BurstX: short press shoots once, holding the trigger shoots the selected burst
  • Double trigger: shoots once when the trigger is pressed and again when released
  • BurstX: shoots a burst when the trigger is pressed
  • BurstX/BurstY: short trigger press shoots burstX, long press shoots burstX+burstY
  • BurstX/Full: short trigger press shoots burstX, long press initiates full auto
  • Full: full auto


  • Simple installation into version 2 mechabox, designed according to Tokyo Marui's switch concept
  • In most cases, no modifications are needed in the mechabox or Leviathan - V2
  • Microswitch activated with every piston cycle for precise shot timing
  • CNC trigger, included in the package, with a screw for shorter travel. This allows for a very fast shot after pressing the trigger
  • Thanks to advanced electronics, Leviathan - V2 can be used in guns with any common upgrades and rates of fire
  • Complete wiring allows for quick and easy installation in the gun, sufficiently long for all types of guns with the battery in the rear. No soldering required
  • Power wires are 1.5 mm2 (AWG16) with thin and stiff MPPE insulation, blue wire is 0.34 mm2 (AWG22) with MPPE insulation
  • Power wires have an external diameter of only 2.06 mm and blue 1.24 mm
  • Length of wires between the end of the mechabox and the connector is 290mm
  • Encased in lacquer, protecting the device from water damage
  • For proper pre-cocking function, the mechabox must have a functional anti-reversal latch
  • Designed for all commonly used batteries up to 17V (Ni-xx 8.4 - 12V, lipol 7.4 - 14.8V)
  • The device increases the gun's rate of fire and battery life compared to the original wiring in the gun
  • With active motor braking, the piston is not partially cocked during shooting, the spring is not fatigued by partial compression, and internal parts are not stressed
  • For high rate of fire guns, active braking solves the issue of multiple shots in semi-automatic mode
  • Motor braking effect is strongest with a loaded motor with neodymium magnets
  • Remove from the mechabox: cutoff lever, trigger, trigger contacts, and trigger stop - Leviathan - V2 does not require them

In the package, you will find:

  • Leviathan - V2 module with complete wiring
  • Screw with washer to secure the device in the mechabox
  • CNC trigger with adjustable travel
  • Adjustment screw for trigger travel
  • Foam for securing the device in the mechabox
  • Installation manual


  • Technical knowledge is required for installing the device into the mechabox!
  • Please read and follow all instructions to prevent damage to the device.
  • Short circuit or incorrect battery connection will immediately damage the device, and such damages are not covered by the warranty. It can also lead to battery ignition or explosion!
  • Disconnect the battery when not using the weapon! Otherwise, you will completely discharge the battery. The device still consumes a small amount of current.
  • Do not connect the battery if the weapon is pointed at you, another person, or an animal!
  • Do not modify, repair, prevent spilling or subject Leviathan - V2 to temperature shock.

The trigger is not included in the package!

You can use any trigger from the Retro Arms brand.

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