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About Nuprol

The Nuprol brand was founded in 2012 and is based in the United Kingdom and already offers hundreds of new airsoft equipment products. The brand was created in response to the ever-expanding airsoft market and ever higher and higher quality requirements. Nuprol strives to be innovative and bring a completely new gaming experience to the airsoft scene.


Instructions for use:


Use only special chargers with a balance cable for charging and ideally charge in a special protective case. Always check the voltage of the individual cells before charging. The minimum cell voltage is 3.3V and a fully charged cell reaches 4.2V with a maximum charging current of 3C.

Do not leave the batteries unattended when charging. Do not use batteries if the temperature exceeds 70°C, or if the battery is inflated or otherwise damaged. Failure to follow the instructions and handling it may ignite or explode the battery.

Product code 215540
Battery Capacity 2000 mAh
Battery Compatibility AR - Crane Stock
Battery Type Li-Ion
Connector Type Dean-T
Voltage 11.1 V