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ODIN M12 Speedloader - Olive

High-capacity loader for 1600 BBs with Mid-Cap magazine loading speed in 5s. more about product

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The Odin M12 loader brings a real revolution to the world of Mid-Cap magazine fans. With a capacity of 1600 rounds, you can fill up to 10 standard magazines in just one minute. Plus, you save your index finger for pulling the trigger. 

The Odin is designed exclusively for AEG AR15 magazines. HOWEVER, several after market parts have been created these days, including various 3D prints that make it possible to use the magazine filler for AK47, G36 or Mp5 magazines. 

Advantages of the OdinM12 loader:

  • 1600 round capacity
  • MI-Cap magazine fill speed 5s
  • Critically stressed parts are metal
  • fits PMR pouch for PRC-152
  • Dimensions: 182 x 68 x 45 mm

Genuine PTS M12 x Cheap knockoffs - Is it worth the money?

Advantages and disadvantages against cheaper option

+ high quality mould for casting (no play anywhere)

+ definitely a better quality polymer to the touch

+ critically stressed parts are metal (fasteners are metal on metal) - cheap versions have standard lever drops after x use

+ reliably presses even PTS magazines with a capacity of 250 rounds - cheaper variants can be damaged at this capacity

+ after market accessories + hand parts

- Almost 4 times the purchase price

Product code 211520
Color Olive

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