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Raider Pants MK, - Ranger green

The Raider MKV tactical combat pants are the most advanced line from Clawgear to date. It is a premium quality combat trouser range that addresses all the needs of the military and other defence forces. more about product
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The new Raider MK V series from the Clawgear line offers even greater durability of the material. This pushes the shooter's comfort further ahead. Of course, the Raider MK V series also maintains its other advantage, which is the NIR property (Near Infrared), which means the fabric almost does not reflect infrared radiation and is therefore not easily visible in NVG devices, as is standard with lower-tier brands.

The Raider MK V trousers are made of 50% Nylon and 50% Cotton rip-stop fabric to prevent additional tearing of the fabric. The fabric's durability is further supported by double-stitched seams. A significant advantage is the differently stitched crotch, where an extra piece of fabric is added, and the seams are shifted to less stressed areas. This reduces the risk of trouser wear.

The Raider V trousers offer a total of 12 pockets, from zippered pockets to open pockets for knives or internal pockets for mobile phones or GPS devices. Thanks to the modern cut, they fit the body contours perfectly, and the high padded waistband, lined with soft suede on the inside, ensures maximum comfort with minimal risk of shirt ride-up. For even greater customization, the waistband can be tightened with two straps with a snap buckle.

The knees of the trousers are equipped with integrated pockets for knee protectors. The knee protectors themselves are not included in the package. A major innovation is the material that protects the fabric in the knee area from wear. The same fabric in the form of the Ypsilon version is also used in the inner ankle area. The position of the knee protectors can be adjusted vertically using two straps with snap buckles and horizontally using an elastic band led to the top pocket.

The trousers are also adjustable, and you can tighten them with an internal elastic band. To prevent trouser roll-up, there is also a plastic hook for lacing attachment.


Product Advantages:

  • High durability, low material weight
  • NIR property (fabric does not shine in NVG devices)
  • Material: 50% Nylon, 50% Cotton Ripstop
  • Double seams
  • Seamless crotch
  • Total of 12 pockets: (2x YKK zippered pockets on the buttocks; 2x standard pockets on the front; 2x thigh pockets with integrated pocket for mobile phone/magazine; 2x external open pockets for STANAG magazines; 2x small open pockets for carrying knives/tactical pens; 2x ankle pockets for tourniquet/notebook)
  • Modern comfortable cut
  • Integrated knee protector pockets
  • Very durable fabric on knees and ankles
  • Adjustable position of knee protectors
  • Adjustable trousers with lace hook


Product code M-505097
Color Ranger Green

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