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Taginn TAG-19 Sh BB's

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About the product

The Tag-19 throwing hand grenade from Taginn has been developed specifically for tactical training and to faithfully imitate real grenades. It is a replica of the famous RGD5 grenade. Thanks to the detonation, which shatters the fragments in all directions, you also get a proper advantage, for example, when clearing buildings, etc. The grenade is filled with airsoft pellets 0.20g, which are ejected in a radius of up to 10-12 meters. The pellets are mixed with PEG material to reduce rattling.

The grenade is equipped with two fuses. The first is a classic rip safety and the second is a standard palm safety that releases during the throw. Detonation time is 3.5s from palm safety release.

However, the main advantage of the grenade is its safety. The grenade will not cause injury even when exploding in the hand and is NOT capable of igniting, for example, dry grass. 

WARNING! This is a product with a pyrotechnic component. The sale is allowed from 18 years of age. Always wear safety glasses when using! 

Always check the rules of each event to see if grenades of this type are allowed.

Product code 400386
Type of grenade Throwing

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