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Clawgear - Premium Quality

The Clawgear brand has a long tradition that began as a small family business in Switzerland. Now based in Austria, the Clawgear brand is one of the leading manufacturers of premium equipment for the military and other armed forces. In this article, we'll take a look at what makes Clawgear premium quality.

Clawgear  - Premium Quality

You can find the Clawgear brand on our website for some time now and it is really clear that this brand has quickly found favour among fans of high quality gear. In this article we will try to introduce you to the Clawgear brand. 

The once Swiss brand now based in Austria focuses on the production of high quality tactical equipment, which it tries to target especially the armed forces. Therefore, all products meet the strictest standards required by, for example, North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) groups.


What Clawgear produces? 

  1. Functional sports and tactical clothing

Clawgear has come up with a completely new custom design of military BDU uniforms that respond to the requirements of the armed forces. Thus we can see the gradual evolution of the Raider line, where in each new generation new techcnology and new gadgets are added. The result of this long evolution is the latest generation of Raider MK V, which you can find in our range in licensed Multicam, adaptive stonegrey olive or in classic black, for example.  

Tip from a Clawgear brand lover

Pay extra for quality, because what Clawgear offers is worth it!

Clawgear BDU uniforms: 

Clawgear's range of quality clothing doesn't stop at uniforms. The wide range offers functional Audax jackets, sweatshirts or t-shirts for everyday wear. However, it is definitely worth mentioning the high-quality functional underwear made of merino wool, which will increase your personal comfort even in freezing temperatures.


What makes Clawgear premium quality?

As we have already mentioned, Clawgear products undergo years of development and field testing by the armed forces. This allows the brand to easily adapt and improve over time. 

Clawgear uses unique technologies not yet seen in other manufacturers. These technologies in the field of materials in general the brand calls "Advanced Textiles". Which technological elements are they?


Clawgear's Advanced Textile Solution (ATS) is a lighter version of previously used fabrics that achieves even greater mechanical flexibility and thus durability. ATS fabric uses the latest highly durable T420HT material from Cordura. The ATS fabric is characterised above all by its light weight, breathability, durability and tendency to dry quickly and get less wet.



Darkstone fabric has been designed to withstand the harshest conditions and protects the most exposed parts of the body, such as the knees and elbows. This makes it unnecessary to wear plastic shells on the knees to avoid tearing your pants. Darkstone material is tested to DIN EN530 standards and is divided into two types. Sunburst, which is much stiffer to the touch and achieves maximum durability. It can be seen, for example, in the top of the line Clawgear Raider MK V ATS Pants. The second variant, Ypsilon, is used for places where more durability is required but at the same time a smooth material needs to be maintained, such as the inner ankle area.


Products with this logo have been tested and validated to military
standards for near infrared reflectance. By reducing the NIR signature
the probability of detection by low-light devices is significantly
reduced.This difference is most noticeable when looking through the NVG, where the fabric with NIR technology will remain dark compared to other common fabrics and will not glow.



Products carrying the AGNI™ icon have been tested
and certified by independent laboratories as being
flame retardants. These materials are tested to EN ISO
means no molten debris and afterglow & and
the flame is less than two seconds. AGNI™ materials
also exhibit superior color fastness for long service life
and high air permeability for user comfort.



Clawgear uses Merino wool in its pure form (100% of the material) or in blends to improve performance. All our wool is sourced from suppliers who adhere to the Responsible Wool Standard (RWS). This standard protects animal welfare and promotes responsible land management. Merino wool is particularly distinguished by its functionality even when wet. Another advantage is that it is less prone to stink.

Review by an airsoft player

The merino shirt from Clawgear worked perfectly even in -12°. I would especially highlight the fact that thanks to the seamless design you really don't know you are wearing the shirt. Last but not least, it is very nice that the shirt is finally longer and does not wrinkle.

2. Tactical equipment for sharp and airsoft use

The Clawgear brand is known for quality gear in addition to tactical clothing. We offer a large number of grenade pouches, fast magazine pouches and other versatile pouches. The quality is really high! The zippers work as they should and there is no risk of them coming undone. The fabric again carries the NIR property, therefore we will have an easier time hiding at night from NVG gear.

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