Li-Ion Battery 7.4V, 3000mAh - Nunchuck

TITAN quality Li-Ion batteries are unrivalled in their category. 3000mAH battery even with the small size. more about product
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The only airsoft batteries made in the USA with a one-year warranty. The batteries are made of quality cells with high energy density. They have 2-5x more capacity and are able to supply up to 2x more current than conventional airsoft batteries. Even after 300 cycles, they retain 80% of their original capacity. They never inflate as they do with Li-Pol batteries.

TITAN stands behind its batteries so much that it gives an above-standard 1-year warranty against loss of performance or inflation. Any complaints can be made directly to them.


TITAN batteries never inflate and become so dangerous, unlike Li-pol batteries, which degrade over time.


TITAN batteries can be charged at any time without risk of damage, whether empty or almost full. Even if the battery is low and the device no longer works, the battery is still in a safe condition and can be recharged to 100%.


Starting in 2020, the new Titan Power product line surpasses ALL airsoft batteries with the same voltage and similar sizes on the market - TITAN batteries are able to supply up to 2x higher currents, ie. higher cadence faster trigger response.


TITAN batteries can store an average of 2-5 times more energy than other airsoft batteries on the market - which means longer life during games and more fun.


TITAN batteries can stay charged for many months and are always ready to use. An extreme example is the battery used for testing, which was charged in 2012 and still had 88% of its original capacity in 2018. These batteries retain 80% of their original capacity even after 300 cycles.


TITAN is the only company that supplies airsoft batteries with a 1-year warranty. If power is lost or inflated, Titan will send a new battery or refund.

Product code 215575
Connector Type Dean-T
Battery Capacity 3000 mAh
Battery Compatibility AR - Crane Stock
Battery Type Li-Ion
Voltage 7.4 V