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Vorsk Hi-Capa 5.1

Compared to the RAVEN series, the Vorsk Hi-Capa 5.1 is bolder and more innovative in its design, and thanks to the new important features found in sporting guns, for example, you're sure to love it. In short, Vorsk takes the airsoft experience a little further with its design. more about product

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The Vorsk Hi-Capa 5.1 belongs to a brand new quality line of gas replicas that are manufactured by Nuprol. The body of the gun is made of durable plastic (HIPS), but the slide is made of high quality aluminum that can withstand the impact of even the strongest Green Gas. 

The pistol is equipped with a magazine well extension for quick reloading. The pistol grip is very comfortable and does not slip out of your hand due to the rough texture. Another very hilarious feature is the spiral outer barrel that is topped with a compensator outside the slide. The compensator can be removed and replaced with, for example, a suitable illuminating silencer. The thread here is left-handed.  For fast sighting, light guide sights have been added.

This is a medium-length version of the 5.1 with an internal barrel length of 250 mm. The weapon has a muzzle velocity of approximately 95-105 m/s. The Hop Up is of course fully adjustable. The front of the gun is equipped with a RIS rail for mounting a laser or flashlight. 

In the package as a bonus you can find a complete replacement nozzle, and a set of rubber.


-Material: body - Polymer; breech - Aluminium
-Metal shutter
-Quick Reload magazine well extension
-External thread for adding a (illuminating) silencer
-Unique design
-Impact velocity: 95-105 m/s
-Adjustable Hop Up
-RIS rail for attaching flashlight/laser
-Lighted front and rear sights
-Spare parts included
-Spare parts availability

-1x GBB gun
-1x gas magazine
-1x spare nozzle
-1x set of spare O-rings
-1x handle adjustment set

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