AEG airsoft guns

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The AEG type of airsoft guns is the most widespread and certainly the most popular type among players. The basic drive of AEG guns is an electric motor powered most often by Li-pol or Li-Ion batteries. In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about this type of weapon.

AEG airsoft guns


1. Safety and handling

2. Basic description of AEG replicas

3. Magazines

4. Hop-up and adjusting

5. Battery and safe handling

6. AEG Maintenance and Service

7. FAQ

1. Safety and handling

The first thing to clarify is that airsoft and paintball guns are category D weapons according to Section 7 of the Firearms Act of Czech law.

Airsoft replica is not a toy, but a category D firearm.

The same restriction applies to BBs, which are considered ammunition.


When handling an airsoft gun, it is mandatory to use protective goggles

  • Use: certified safety goggles and masks
  • Do not use: sunglasses, welding glasses, work glasses, wire mesh glasses, dioptric glasses,...

You can read more about eye protection in this article "How to choose protective glasses".


Basic rules for handling airsoft replicas:

  • Airsoft replicas do not belong in public (always carry covered in a case!).
  • Always treat your gun as if it was loaded.
  • When handling, aim for a safe area.
  • Never aim at anything you don't want to shoot at.
  • Never trust anyone that the gun is not loaded. (check for yourself)
  • When putting the weapon away, always make sure that the weapon is unloaded.
  • Keep the weapon unloaded.
  • Never leave a loaded gun unattended.
  • Never pull trigger and don't put your finger in the trigger guard unless you're aiming at the target or ready to shoot.
  • Use only high-quality ammunition designed for airsoft replicas. (do not buy ammunition from markets) Never use the same BBs twice! Reusing the BBs can lead to damage.
  • Never drink alcohol or use drugs before or during shooting.
  • Always take extra care when the gun is loaded.
  • Make sure the gun is not loaded before cleaning, storing, or transporting.

2. Basic information about AEG replicas

  • AEG (Airsoft Electric Gun) is the most common type of airsoft gun/replica, powered by batteries. It works on the principle by pulling an air piston by a set of gears powered by electric motor.
  • One of the key features of AEG is the ability to fire automatically or semi-automatically, without the need for constant gas filling or cocking.
  • Overall, AEG is the most popular airsoft category on the market due to its reliability, upgradeability and variety of models.
  • The most widely used AEG platforms include M4/M16, AK and G36. These platforms offer a wide range of customization and personalization options for players to create a weapon exactly according to their ideas and needs on the battlefield.

3. Magazines

Magazines for airsoft replicas differ not only in what platform they are built for, but also in what type of propulsion they are for. Therefore, when buying magazines, it is necessary to make sure that the magazine is compatible with your replica.

Ex. Magazine platforms: M4/M16, G36, AK, SR25,  etc.

Ex. Types of magazines: Gas magazines, AEG magazines, HPA magazines

Magazines for AEG are divided into 3 basic categories: High-Cap, Mid-Cap and Low-Cap

  • High-Cap they have a high BB capacity (350 – 500 rounds) and work on the principle of pushing BBs using a coil spring. On the bottom of the magazine there is a wheel that rotates. To pour the BBs into the magazine, open the lid at the top of the magazine. For correct BB feeding, it is necessary to continuously turn the wheel on the bottom of the magazines untill it starts clicking.
    The biggest disadvantage of High-cap magazines is their noise and the need to constantly rewind them to shoot.
  • Mid-Cap magazines are suitable for more experienced players. Their capacity ranges from 90-250 rounds. They work on the principle of a compression spring and a speed loader is needed to fill them.
  • Low-Cap magazines are identical in principle to Mid-Cap magazines. However, they differ in low capacity, which is more in line with the real model. A speed loader is also needed.

Handling magazines:

  • When the magazine is removed, about 5 BBs always fall out of the gun.
  • Always empty the magazines when storing  them (this prolonges the springs life expectancy)
  • Do not overfill the Mid-caps/Low-caps unnecessarily
  • After removing the magazine, BBs may remain in the weapon
  • Coarse dirt inside the magazine can cause a feeding problem. In this case, we recommend blowing out the dirt or disassembling and cleaning the magazine from the inside.


4. Hop-up and adjusting

  • Hop-up is a system that stabilizes the BB by reverse rotation, thus increasing accuracy and range. For maximum replica performance, Hop-up must be set up correctly.
  • On the vast majority of AEG replicas, the Hop-up is located in the ejection port just above the magazine. The mechanism can be accessed by pulling the slide backwards (On some models, it is necessary to hold the slide in the rear position to have access to the Hop-up chamber)
  • The setup itself is very easy. Hop-up is set by turning the wheel or moving the lever (depending on the model).
  • If you use a different BB weight or there is significant change in the weather, it will probably be necessary to readjust the hop-up.
  • Hop-up so that the flight path of the BB is almost perfectly straight with a slight lift at the end of the trajectory.

5. Battery and safe handling

Battery types:

  • The most common battery types for AEG include NiMH (nickel-cadmium), Li-Po (lithium-polymer) and Li-Ion (Lithium-ion) batteries. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages, including capacity, longevity, and safety.
  • NiMH batteries are not used as much anymore (mainly due to their weight, capacity and rapid loss of voltage during storage). It can be said that it is more of an anachronism. Currently, most used batteires in Airsoft are Li-Po and Li-Ion.
  • The battery is usually not included in the replica package and must be purchased separately.
  • CAUTION: Before buying a battery, check which connector is installed in your replica. The most commonly used connectors are: Small Tamyia, Dean-T, Large Tamyia  (if you need to change the connector on the weapon or battery for another one, we will be happy to change the connector for you)


Battery Location:

  • Batteries are normally inserted into the stock of the weapon. This applies especially to M4 and AK models.
  • For guns without a stock or with a small stock, the batteries are usually connected in the handguard or to an external battery box. Here it is really important to choose the right size of battery, as space can be limited.

Capacity and voltage:

  • When choosing a battery, it is important to consider the capacity (mAh) and voltage (V). Higher capacity means longer time between recharges, while higher voltages can increase rate of fire.
  • The average capacity is about 1500 mAh, but you can buy batteries with a capacity of up to 3000 mAh. These will last you the whole weekend without any problems. Even so, we recommend that you always have at least one battery in reserve. 
  • With Li-pol and Li-Ion batteries, you will have to decide between 7.4 V and 11.1 V voltage. For basic weapons without a mosfet or other upgrade, we recommend 7.4V. It will be gentler to the weapon in the long run, and thanks to the cheaper price, you can invest in more capacity. 11.1V batteries, on the other hand, are recommended for weapons with electronic switches, such as a mosfet or processor units. This will avoid burning mechanical contacts that are not built for such a high voltage. 
  • It is important to follow the gun manufacturer's specifications regarding the maximum battery voltage to avoid damage to the AEG (a high-performance battery can damage a replica without additional upgrade).

Check out the best batteries on the market:

  • If you are not certain about a battery for your replica, we will be happy to assist you.


  • When charging the battery, it is necessary to use the correct charger for the type of battery. Chargers designed for NiMH batteries and Li-Po/Li-Ion batteries differ.
  • For Li-Po/Li-Ion charging, we recommend this charger from Titan and ASG
  • Smart chargers (all in our offer) will stop charging when the battery is charged.


  • It is important to follow the safety instructions when handling batteries. Batteries should not be exposed to high temperatures or humidity.
  • Batteries should be kept in a safe and dry environment out of the reach of children.
  • In the event of damage to the insulation, the exposed wires must be re-insulated.
  • As a result of the exposed insulation, an electrical circuit can be interconnected and thus the battery or even the weapon can be short-circuited.
  • Li-Po and Li-Ion batteries are recommended to be stored in Li-Po Safe Protective Cover. If overcharged, short-circuited or mechanically damaged, these batteries will inflate and ignite. Charge the batteries in this bag.
You can learn more about batteries in the article "How to choose a battery"

6. AEG Maintenance and Service

AEG's basic maintenance is not complicated, but it is still important to maintain the accuracy and functionality of the replica.

Barrel cleaning:

  • The main part of maintenance is cleaning the inner barrel. When the BB passes through the barrel, the BB rubs against the barrel and leaves dirt. It is therefore recommended to clean the barrel after every use.
  • When cleaning the barrel, DO NOT use any oils or lubricants!
  • Before cleaning, it is recommended to completely loosen the Hop-Up to prevent damage to the Hop-Up pressure bucking.
  • Clean the barrel with a cleaning rod, which is usually part of the replica.
  • We can use an appropriate amount of technical alcohol for cleaning.
  • Cleaning procedure:
  1. Insert a piece of a cloth through the eye at the end of the cleaning rod and gently insert it into the barrel.
  2. Carefully insert the cleaning rod into the barrel until we encounter resistance from the Hop-Up chamber (it is good to measure in advance how large a piece of cleaning rod we can insert into the barrel so as not to damage the hop-up rubber unnecessarily).
  3. At this point, we start to rotate the cleaning rod along its axis and pull it out of the barrel at a steady pace.
  4. After removing the cleaning rod from the barrel, check the condition of the cloth and replace it with a new one. Repeat the process until the napkin on the cleaning pole is completely clean.
  • The opposite side of the cleaning rod is used to knock the BBs out of the barrel if they have jammed. If this happened, completely loosen the Hop-Up and insert the knockout side of the cleaning rod through the muzzle. We gently push the stuck BB out with the help of cleaning rod, through the Hop-Up chamber.
  • We offer, for example, a special barrel cleaning kit, which already has a built-in brush for perfect cleaning of the barrel.

External maintenance:

  • Other parts of the maintenance include cleaning the outside of the replica and tightening loose screws. When cleaning the outer part of the replica, use a cloth dampened in a soapy water.
  • DO not use any detergents or spirits, such as technical gasoline. Doing so may damage the replica's finish or structure.
  • IMPORTANT: Before storing, it is necessary to dry the gun from snow/rain. This will prevent rust from forming.

Internal maintenance

  • Internal maintenance of the weapon may include lubrication of moving parts or re-shims of the wheels – we recommend leaving this for professional services
  • In general, the rule is: "As long as it works, there is no need to disassemble the weapon"
  • Disassembling the entire weapon, including the gearbox, is a demanding process and in case of unprofessional intervention, there is a risk of damage to the replica

Service and Upgrade

  • Each AEG weapon can be upgraded with aftermarket parts (better accuracy, range or rate of fire)
  • Some models are easier to upgrade than other models due to better part compatibility. Therefore, we recommend carefully considering the availability and compatibility of parts on the market before buying a weapon.
  • To upgrade the replica, we recommend that you seek professional service.

You can get in touch with us regarding service on

7. FAQ:


Common problems

  • Sometimes my gun doesn't fire and then it fires more balls at once.
    • The hop-up is probably too tighten up, so due to the high pressure the ball is not able to fly through.
    • Solution: Loosen the hop-up and use the cleaning rod to poke out any stuck balls.
  • The BBs fly immediately down or immediately up after the shot.
  • Hop-up is either too tight or too loose.
  • Solution: It is necessary to set the pressure correctly at the hop-up chamber, which can be found above the magazine. Most often, you can reach it by pulling the lever, or in AK weapons, by removing the slide.
  • The gun does not fire even after plugging in the battery.
  • Most likely, the battery is dead. You can tell by the fact that you hear a  motor clicking when you pull the trigger.
  • Solution: Check the battery voltage and charge the battery if necessary.
  • The gun does not fire or make any noises, but the battery is charged.
    • It is possible that there has been a short-circuited  somewhere, and this most often happens with the fastons on the motor. The second possibility is that the battery is defective. Furthermore, for example, in the case of specna arms replicas, these can be disconnected connectors to the mosfet in the buffer tube.
      • Solution: Try a different battery. If that doesn't work, contact us.
  • The engine makes a strange squeaking sound / the engine is spinning, but the gun is not firing.
    • This is caused by a bad motor pressure and therefore the pinion is not in an ideal position in relation to the moor gear in the gearbox
      • Solution: (Standard) Use a flat screwdriver to tighten the pressure screw in the gun grip, which will push the motor closer to the gearbox. On the other hand, beware of too much downforce.  
  • I have BBs in the Hi-Cap magazine, but the gun does not shoot.
    • The BBs are in the magazine, but they are not pushed into the gun
    • Solution: The wheel at the bottom of the magazine must be used to continuously rotate the BBs into the gun.
  • The gun feeds poorly, shoots every second / third BB.
    • For some reason, the BBs do not get into the chamber in time. There may be several reasons for this. Dirt in the reservoir. Even a small grain of sand can hinder the BBs from moving into the chamber. Then dirty balls. A magazine with an old tired spring or an incompatible magazine with a given replica.
    • Solution: Try another magazine of the same type to see if it has the same problem. Try another magazine of a different type.
  • The gun shoots inaccurately, each BB flies in a different direction.
    • Inaccuracy is most often caused by barrel or bad ammunition.
    • Solution: Can't go wrong with cleaning the barrel. If this doesn't help, try ammunition with higher weight. Next, try to check accessories such as silencers to see if they are properly screwed in the axis with the replica.


General questions

  • What BBs to shoot?
    • It is always necessary to buy BBs with a diameter of 6mm only from well-known brands that you can find at airsoft shops. For standart replicas, we recommend 0.25g or 0.28g. Be sure not to buy any cheap random BBs from the markets and certainly not BBs that have seams. The heavier the BB, the shorter your range, but hihger the accuracy.
  • Can I run between blocks of flats with an airsoft gun?
    • Definitely not. An airsoft replica is still a category D weapon and the Police of the Czech Republic treats it as a regular weapon. Therefore, the sale is only allowed from the age of 18.
  • How to store a gun?
    • Store the weapon ideally at room temperature in rooms with low humidity (in the case of a humid environment, there is a risk of corrosion / rusting of the replica) in an opaque holster with the magazine removed and the battery disconnected. As this is a category D weapon, keep it out of the reach of children.
  • Which battery should I choose?
    • If your weapon is equipped with a mosfet or a processor unit, it is definitely a good idea to reach for 11.1V Li-Pol or Li-Ion. This will give you a better rate of fire and trigger response. We recommend 7.4V for the standart weapon without a mosfet. In general, the larger the better the battery capacity. But you have to keep in mind that a battery with a large capacity is larger in size and may not fit in the gun.
  • Is it better to spin or push?
    • Everyone prefers something different. The Hi-Cap will offer you more ammo and better reliability. However, the BBs rattle in it. Mid-Cap / Low-Cap, on the other hand, are more realistic, they don't rattle, but you need a speed loader.
  • Is the silencer functional on an airsoft replica?
    • Silencers in airsoft are mainly for aesthetics. If the silencer is filled with foam padding, the sound of the shot may sound slightly different. The biggest difference is mainly in HPA (high pressure air) weapons.

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