How to choose a battery

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Choosing the right battery can seem like a big task. Of course, there are a plethora of battery types and manufacturers. In this article, we'll summarise the most important advantages and disadvantages of each type so that you can make the right decision quickly.

How to choose a battery


+ The most commonly used batteries

+ Good size/power ratio

+ Large range of shapes and sizes 

+ High discharge current

+ Does not suffer from memory effect

- Prone to undercharging

- Prone to mechanical damage 

- Potential for explosion, fire in case of failure


+ State-of-the-art technology

+ Large capacity

+ High discharge current

+ Does not suffer from memory effect

+ Resistant to mechanical damage

- Limited choice of battery shapes

- Higher acquisition cost


+ Low acquisition cost

- Suffers from memory effect

- Poor size/power ratio

- Loses capacity with age 

- Limited choice of battery shapes

- Low discharge current



So which type is best ?

Well, I guess everyone understands that NiMh are the music of the past and nobody who is serious about airsoft should use them. Then we're left with Li-ions and Li-polks, that's more complicated. Basically you can say there are two camps of opinion, just like there are with petrol and diesel. Both sides are right, but there is no final verdict on "which is better". 

However, if we add our experience in the shop and especially in the field to the equation. Then we can cut it up. 

If you can fit a Li-ion in a replica and it's within your budget, get a Li-ion.

Why ? 

They're generally more powerful than Li-polks.

The cells themselves have a metal casing, so they're much more durable.

Li-ion is more "user" resistant, meaning you won't destroy it as quickly by undercharging it. 

In which case choose a Li-Polk ?

Some replicas have limited space for a battery, in which case Li-Poles are preferable as they have a wider range of sizes and shapes. 

What voltage is ideal for my replica ? 

There is a simple rule to follow here. If your replica has a mosfet or a processor unit, then go straight for 11.1V batteries only. If your replica doesn't have any electronics, we recommend to choose 7.4v batteries.

How to take care of the battery ?

We know that Nimh batteries are obsolete, so we don't even need to deal with them. We basically take care of Li-polks and Li-ions in the same way. 


The most important thing is to avoid under-discharge. In very simplistic terms, they must not discharge completely. You're probably thinking, well, how can I tell ? There are several ways to tell. The best option is to have a processor unit that will take care of it for you, for example our favorite Hybrid from Perun. Another option is to keep an eye on it with a "beeper" that shows us the voltage of each cell. The voltage on a cell should never get below 3V. The last and such the most punk method is "tapping". When the battery approaches the critical limit, the cadence is reduced and the cycle is extended. If this occurs, the battery must be disconnected and no longer used.


For charging Li-pol and Li-ion batteries, suitable chargers must be used. It is most important that they have a balancer, or that they charge the cells evenly. You can safely recognize such a charger by the fact that it has two connectors, a current connector (the one we plug into the replica) and a service connector (the white connector). 


Batteries should always be stored safely. This means that they should be in special bags that are non-flammable and mechanically resistant, such bags can be found here. 

Furthermore, batteries should never come into contact with metal or conductive objects to avoid short circuiting. 


Recommendations in conclusion

From my own experience I can recommend the Titan brand. Batteries from this brand may be more expensive than other brands, but we are really paying for quality here. These batteries have absolutely ideal parameters and guarantee you maximum enjoyment of the game. 

If you are still hesitating, give us a call or drop by for a coffee, we will be happy to help you with your final choice :)

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