How to choose secondary replica

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Secondary or backup replicas are very popular in the airsoft world. But the question is whether it is necessary to have one and, if so, what is the best one ? Manual, electric or gas ? With or without blowback ? If you have exactly these questions, you are in the right place.

How to choose secondary replica

Is it necessary to have a secundary replica?

"Secondaries" are in the "good to have" category, meaning it's nice to have, but definitely not a necessity. Of course, everything changes the moment you go to play at events where they are required. They are usually mandatory for snipers to be able to safely defend themselves the moment an enemy appears in unexpected proximity. 

As a general rule of thumb - If you absolutely need it, don't use it. You're probably asking "but why? They're cool". Cool they definitely are, no question about it, but ask more experienced players how often they use them. You'll find that their use is very limited, and there's certainly a more worthwhile investment in airsoft than a secondary replica. 


As we have already mentioned, pistols are a very good partner for snipers. Every sniper will be in a situation where it is better to have a pistol than a sniper rifle. Being able to fire multiple shots in quick succession is essential and very useful. 

Another situation in which you might want to have a pistol handy is fighting in confined spaces, or CQB. If you get to the point where you have to clear a building full of enemies, you'll find that handling a long rifle can be quite complicated. 

Very often, dare I say the most common use is as a visual accessory. What are we going to do, we all want to have our gear put together to look good. A nice pistol holster and a nice pistol at the waist certainly helps a lot. However, we recommend that you address this when you have everything you need. 

Gas, electric, or perhaps a manual?

So you already know you need a tab, but you're wondering which one? It's not that complicated. If you read the pros and cons of each drive, you'll come to the obvious conclusion that there's only one right way. 

Manual guns are good for maybe a canning garden. As their name suggests, they need to be cocked before each shot. That limits their use considerably. The power and accuracy are also poor and the magazine capacity is probably not even worth mentioning. Manual pistols are only good as an aesthetic accessory at most. 

AEP or electric pistols are a little better than manual pistols. They no longer have to be cocked before every shot. However, they're not the best in terms of power and accuracy either. Their biggest drawback is the quality of the replica itself. Since these are very cheap replicas, this is reflected in the quality of the internal parts. These replicas are so faulty that we don't even offer them, as we don't want to sell our customers something that we know is extremely faulty. What is the final nail is the lack of aftermarket parts, so once something is damaged, there is no way to fix it either. 

As a general rule of thumb - If you absolutely need it, don't use it. You're probably asking "but why? They're cool". Cool they definitely are, no question about it, but ask more experienced players how often they use them. You'll find that their use is very limited and there are certainly more useful investments 

Gas or GBB and GNB replica pistols are the most popular type of pistols. There are several reasons for this. The main one is the huge selection of replicas themselves. Literally any replica of famous pistols can be found today. Another big factor is effectiveness, these replicas are very accurate and have ideal performance. Due to their popularity among gamers, these replicas have great aftermarket support and there are a plethora of replacement and upgrade parts.  

From our range we recommend:

What parameters are important?  

Once you know what type of replica you're looking for, it's a good idea to make sure you choose the model that's perfect for you. That you have to like the gun itself is obvious, but be sure to look out for a few key features.


The ideal power for a backup pistol is between 1J and 1.7J. In this range, the replica will go far enough, but won't hurt anyone at very close range. 

Magazine capacity

Make sure the replica has a reasonable bullet capacity, but also a large enough gas magazine. It seems complicated but it is very simple, the magazine must not be tiny compared to the replica itself. Ideal magazines are found in Glock and Hi-cap replicas, while very unsuitable magazines are found in M1911 replicas. 

Spare parts

Before buying a replica, make sure that there are easily available spare parts and, if necessary, their compatibility. Not sure ? Then contact the shop and ask. It will definitely pay off in the future. 


Although it doesn't seem like it, magazines are an extremely important part of any replica and you will definitely want more than one. So before buying the replica itself, make sure that the magazines in question exist and don't cost as much as the replica itself. 

What's good to know? 

A very important factor for the proper functioning of gas replicas, is the ambient temperature. All gas guns are designed to function in a temperature of +- 15 degrees. If gas replicas are used in colder temperatures, poor cycling can occur causing a number of malfunctions.


Gas replicas must be maintained. The bare minimum that is required is to keep the replica clean and lubricated. 


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