How to get started with Airsoft ?

Tips & tricks How to airsoft ?

What is airsoft anyway? Airsoft is a "sport" focusing on military themes. There are many specific focuses, ranging from sport shooting, a very believable exercise in military procedures, to the most popular flag fighting. Players use very faithful replicas of guns that shoot bbs during the game. This hobby has seen an extreme increase in popularity in the last 10 years, and this is mainly due to younger generations growing up playing computer games. Airsoft is most commonly practiced outdoors, but nowadays there are indoor arenas that make it a comfortable hobby to indulge in all year round.

How to get started with Airsoft ?

How to get started with Airsoft ?

For most of us, airsoft has become not just a hobby, but literally a part of life. To be so lucky, it is essential to choose the right approach and not make mistakes that could discourage you. 

If you are interested in airsoft and wondering how to get started, you have nothing to worry about, we are here for you.

Although airsoft may seem like it's made for you. We'd recommend you try it out first. The initial investment is not insignificant and very often we find that newcomers find that airsoft is not what they imagined it to be. 


You're probably thinking, well, how am I supposed to do that ?

Do I throw balls at other people? 
That would be the way to go, but it's much better to rent one of those replicas. It's not too much of a problem these days. We've got a couple of ways for you to do it.

 1. Renting a replica at the playground

There are many airsoft fields in the Czech Republic, most of them already have the possibility of renting a replica for some money, and if they don't have it directly in their service offer ? Then try to write to them, they are mostly run by enthusiasts and will be happy to help newbies get started. 


2. Borrowing from a friend

With how widespread airsoft is, there's a good chance one of your friends already plays. I'm sure he or she would be thrilled to lend you a replica and take you somewhere to try airsoft. 


3. Airsoft advice room

We have a huge community on Facebook. If none of the options above work out for you, don't be afraid to post in the group. There are a lot of us, and there's bound to be someone who will take you under their wing and show you the ropes. Link to the Facebook group -> Airsoft Advisory


4. Airsoft camp

Summer airsoft camps are a great option for several reasons.

  • 1. Camps are great in general and when you add airsoft ? Could there be anything better ? 
  • 2. Camps are very safety conscious, which is extremely important. So you learn how to handle a replica safely, and how to behave safely during the game. 
  • 3. You're gonna be there with the same old partners. Beginnings are always hard and what we're gonna. You'll enjoy the game a little more if you play against enemies who start out the same as you. 
  • 4. The leaders are mostly airsoft enthusiasts, so you'll have someone to learn from and they'll be happy to give you advice. 

Your first game is over. 

Well, what about after that? You've played, you know airsoft is right for you. Now comes the all-important first purchase. This is a critical moment for all newcomers. If you want to prepare yourself and avoid mistakes, make yourself a nice drink and dive into our article "First Airsoft Purchase".

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