How to choose safety glasses

How to airsoft ?

Safety is the most important thing to consider in any sport. Airsoft is specific in this respect and it is necessary to have goggles with adequate certification. Which goggles are the best ? What to do if your goggles fog up ? You will learn everything in this article.

How to choose safety glasses

How to choose safety glasses ?


There is a plethora of goggles on the market, but not all of them are suitable. Unfortunately, even today some airsoft shops sell cheap goggles without any certification. It is even possible to come across goggles that are extremely dangerous. Yet for these reasons it is absolutely necessary to always check that the goggles in question are certified. 


You are probably asking "And how do I know if my glasses have the right certification ?". It's not difficult, all glasses with certification always have it on the glasses themselves, most often it is on the glass itself. 

Adequate certifications are

CE EN166 and its types
ANSI Z87.1+

Do not, under any circumstances, buy glasses that are not certified but have something like "We have been shot with a FaKt SiLnE rifle" in the description. That's utter bullshit, as the piece in question may have survived it, but you can't be sure that your particular piece won't fall to pieces. 


Another very important factor is the shape of the glasses. It is absolutely essential that your glasses fit you perfectly. If they push you anywhere, it will become very uncomfortable and painful after a while. What else you need to check are the gaps. You shouldn't have too big gaps anywhere, between the glasses and your eyes. The rubber bands on the feet are a cool thing. They ensure that even in extreme situations, your glasses won't fall off. 

The colour of the glass

Very often we see customers getting tinted glasses. It looks really cool in photos, but in reality it's not very practical. Very often you get into a situation where you go from very good lighting conditions to dark ones. At that moment you can't see anything, much less a masked enemy. That's why we recommend clear or yellow tinted glass. 

What do you do when your glasses fog up? 

Fogging is an endless topic. There are lots of old wives' tips like using shaving foam, cube soap, spring water and many more. Any veteran will tell you they're all old wives' tales. 

Much better to limit the outside influences that cause fogging. Much of the body's heat is vented through the head, so it's a good idea to have as breathable a head covering as possible. If you sweat a lot then a headband is your best friend, it will prevent sweat from running down to your glasses. 

Good quality goggles have what's called an antifog treatment. The inside of the glass is treated with a chemical treatment that prevents fogging.  This coating naturally degrades over time, and if you sweat a lot it can be compromised after the first game as sweat is very aggressive. This layer can be renewed with special products. There are many types from countless brands. We managed to find a Czech manufacturer who developed their own formula and we put our hand in the fire for its functionality. 


Gridded glasses are a very controversial topic. But from our point of view it is absolutely clear. These glasses have one advantage and that is that they cannot fog up. However, this advantage is greatly negated by the fact that they are extremely dangerous. Very often it is possible to shoot through such glasses and, if they are made of a sufficiently high quality material, the beads themselves are the problem. There have been a number of cases where the bead has shattered on such glasses. Shards of such a bead can seriously damage the eye. So please, ditch such glasses and help us spread awareness that such glasses are extremely dangerous.

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