How to choose your first airsoft replica?

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Choosing your first airsoft replica is a crucial moment for every player. A bad choice can end in great disappointment and a bad experience. That's why it's a good idea to pay as much attention to your first purchase as possible and avoid mistakes.

How to choose your first airsoft replica?

Pistol, sniper rifle, machine gun, assault rifle?

Every beginner has some ideas which can come from video games, youtube or movies. Unfortunately very often they are far from the truth. Airsoft is a very specific hobby and does not reflect reality, after all it is just a game. 


A handgun? 

A lot of newbies look at pistols as their first replicas. Unfortunately, pistols are far from an appropriate choice. The only positive factor is the purchase price. Usually it is possible to buy a pistol a little cheaper than an electric replica, however, in a very short period of time, the operation of the pistol becomes more expensive. But these are still not the main factors why they are not suitable for beginners.

The main factor is that they are not effective in combat. A beginner will definitely not be as accurate with a pistol as with a submachine gun or a rifle. Another major disadvantage is the magazine capacity, most pistols have a magazine capacity of around 20 rounds at most, this means that your opponents will always be at an advantage.

Pistols are great accessories and backup replicas, but they should definitely never be the main replica. 

Sniper rifle? 

We've probably all seen YouTube videos of airsoft snipers being the terror of all opponents. That's rare, though. Sniping requires a huge amount of experience and despite that, snipers are not among the more effective players. It's very simple, while you have one shot, your opponent can literally shower you with bullets. You're probably thinking "But sniper rifles have a longer range". Yes, that can definitely be true, but it is definitely not the case when you purchase a new sniper rifle. These rifles need to be upgraded in every way, and that's not one of the cheapest things to do. 


So is a sniper rifle suitable for a beginner ? From our point of view, definitely not. We have to take into account that you will be playing against more experienced players who know how to deal with a sniper rifle. 


A machine gun? 

Machine guns are cool, but are they suitable for beginners ? Machine guns are made for support, but to do that you need to have a very good overview of the action, game experience and most importantly to be cohesive with your team. If you don't have that, you're just pulling a big assault rifle.

Buying a machine gun should always be created by need, never desire. 



SMGs or submachine guns, which include the MP5, ARP9 and others, are not a bad choice at all. Especially if you plan on playing in arenas where very close range is very common. The main advantages of "SMGs" are compact size and light weight. What is a disadvantage are the short barrels, so you can never expect a long range from them. Another issue is battery storage, due to their small size SMGs have very little room for the battery. This is an issue to look at when choosing one.

Assault rifle? 

The M4, the Akka needs no introduction. In the real world, it's one of the most common weapons, and in airsoft it's the same. They've gained their popularity largely due to their versatility.  They won't get lost in any situation. But in airsoft, they have many other advantages. The biggest is the possibility of gradual upgrades, there are a huge number of accessories and upgrade parts for these replicas. 

And what is the most important thing for beginners? 

The big brands, they think directly about the newcomers. That means they have a series designed for beginners. 


One of them, for example, is the Flex series from Specna Arms.
This series fulfills everything a beginner needs. Attractive modern look, light weight, proven mechanical parts and unbeatable price. These replicas can be purchased for around 4 grand in bargain sets. For your first game, you literally just need to buy such a set, goggles, or a ball mouth protector and you are ready for battle. 


After that it's just a question of whether to get an Ak or an M4, but that's up to you.

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